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As menopause approaches, many women may complain of MUSCLE TENSION AND JOINT DISCOMFORT.

While this is a normal part of getting older, it may be particularly noticeable due to hormonal fluctuations and a drop in estrogen and progesterone. Muscle cramping or tense muscles can be experienced with a drop in progesterone as this hormone can have a calming effect on the body. Low estrogen levels can also cause muscles to tighten and become tired as it increases another hormone, cortisol, commonly recognized as a stress hormone.

This reduction in estrogen levels can also affect joints. Hormones help to regulate the amount of fluid in our joints and if that fluid level is unbalanced, coupled with general wear and tear, joint discomfort can occur, especially in the hips and knees.

Other factors affecting muscle tension and joint discomfort include inactivity, poor posture, previous injuries, stress, obesity, and dehydration.

When does the discomfort commonly occur? Women in perimenopause or menopause often complain of discomfort or aching more in the mornings than during the day.

What can be done? A healthy diet with fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts, omega fats, and foods high in magnesium can all support the muscles and joints. Gentle and low-impact exercise, such as swimming, stretching, and Pilates can also be beneficial.

Essential Oils that help support muscle and joint health include:

• Marjoram

• Lemongrass

• Siberian Fir

• Cypress

• Ginger

• Massage Blend

• Soothing Blend

• Tension Blend

• Polyphenol Complex Blend

• Cellular Complex Blend

Other products that can benefit are SOOTHING RUB and SOOTHING POLYPHENOL COMPLEX.

The SOOTHING BLEND of Wintergreen, Camphor, Peppermint, Blue Tansy, Blue Chamomile, Helichrysum, and Osmanthus Essential Oils work together to soothe and relax muscles and ease joint stiffness. Gently rubbed into the area of discomfort, its penetrating therapeutic benefit can be felt almost immediately.


• Apply on feet and knees before and after exercise.

• Perfect for a soothing massage after a long day of housework.

• Apply to hands and feet after gardening.

• Connect with a loved one by giving a hand massage.

• Rub on lower back muscles after a day of heavy lifting at work or during a move.

• After long hours on the computer, try rubbing on your fingers, wrists, shoulders, and neck.

• A few drops of SOOTHING BLEND diluted in Fractionated Coconut Oil can be a part of a cooling and comforting massage after a workout.

TIP: For deep, occasional discomfort, LAYERING Essential Oils can be beneficial. Layer topically: Frankincense, followed by Massage Blend, then the Soothing Blend to ease areas of concern.


• 1 cup Coconut Oil (NOT Fractionated Coconut Oil)

• 1/2 cup Grated Beeswax

• 1 tablespoon Vitamin E oil

• 15 drops Massage Blend

• 10 drops Soothing Blend

• 5 drops Ginger

• 5 drops Black Pepper

• 4 drops Lemongrass

• 4 drops Siberian Fir

• Glass Jar with Lid

Gently heat Coconut Oil and beeswax using double boiler method until you have a liquid. Take off heat and allow to cool for 5 minutes, stirring occasionally to keep mixture from solidifying. Add Vitamin E and Essential Oils and stir to combine. Pour into a clean glass jar and allow to harden. Apply to desired areas as required for muscle discomfort.

NOTE: Did you know you can take an entire Class on the subject of ESSENTIAL OILS FOR SUPPORT AND RELIEF? Ask for details if interested.


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