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Due to fluctuating hormone levels, MOOD SWINGS can commonly affect women during menopause.

These hormone fluctuations can also cause an imbalance in Serotonin, a neurotransmitter which assists in the feelings of being happy and relaxed. These mood changes may be rapid or extreme and this can cause emotional distress or embarrassment when sudden irritability or outbursts of anger seemingly appear out of nowhere!

Many women describe feeling like they are “a prisoner to their emotions” when extreme feelings affect, not just them, but also those around them.

Mood swings can be described as sudden and severe changes in mood which result in radical and extreme shifts in emotions—impatience, anxiety, stress, nervousness, irritability, depression, and a general lack of motivation.

Of course, other menopausal symptoms can cause these feelings too, such as sleep deprivation and hot flashes. Persistent low mood and menopause can have a similarity of symptoms. Irritability, sleeplessness, fatigue, tiredness, concentration problems, and anxious feelings can all be both symptoms of menopause and conditions affecting mood.

Women are more prone to such conditions than men and can become even more vulnerable when reaching menopause. Feelings of sadness, despondency, disinterest in things that once were important or joyful, a lack of desire—women can experience all of these. Fluctuating hormones can have a strong influence on these feelings.

Lifestyle changes can help with mood, such as reducing stress levels, using meditation or relaxation techniques, gentle daily exercise, having a massage, walking in the sun, and spending time with loved ones and friends.

Essential Oils can be very beneficial in uplifting and supporting the mood, especially when used on a consistent basis. Here are some Essential Oils that can be uplifting or generally supporting to the emotions:

• Neroli

• Wild Orange

• Bergamot

• Melissa

• Cedarwood

• Ylang Ylang

• Invigorating Blend

• Joyful Blend

• Restful Blend

• Grounding Blend

• Phytoestrogen Complex

• Emotional Aromatherapy System

Essential Oils can be safely used, side-by-side with other healthcare regimens, to provide not just physical support, but also psychological well-being.

The EMOTIONAL AROMATHERAPY SYSTEM can support anyone dealing with common negative emotions.

With six Essential Oil blends representing six categories of emotional well-being, the EMOTIONAL AROMATHERAPY SYSTEM is comprised of aromatic plant families focusing on a continuum of emotions for a simple approach to using Essential Oils in emotional aromatherapy applications.

Each delicate blend contains Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils that can be used aromatically or topically to help balance and brighten your changing moods. Just a few drops of these aromatic blends can elicit profound emotional responses to help you let go of burdens, find comfort and encouragement, or inspire you to dream with passion again.

The six oils in this system:

• Encouraging Blend

• Uplifting Blend

• Inspiring Blend

• Renewing Blend

• Comforting Blend

• Reassuring Blend


• Use aromatically in an Essential Oil diffuser.

• Apply one or two drops in your palms, rub hands together, cup in front of your nose, and inhale deeply (do not touch eyes).

• Dilute and apply topically to aromatherapy touch points such as the back of the neck, on the wrists, and over the heart.


• 5 drops Joyful Blend

• 6 drops Invigorating Blend

• 3 drops Inspiring Blend

• 3 drops Grounding Blend

Add to a 10ml roller bottle, top off with Fractionated Coconut Oil, and apply every morning to the back of the neck, throat, décolletage, or whenever anxious feeling arise.


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